Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mmmm boom. To the fen / Our wilderness will touch you / Welcome to Churchill

One day it began
And the haikus still won’t stop
Churchill tradition

All day in the fen
Our minds wander far and wide
Composing haikus

Tundra flowers bloom
Brightening the once drab ground
Summer has arrived

Dark speck against blue
Godwit sailing above air
Notes drop down like rain

Depredation issues
We’ve neared ninety-two percent
Let’s hope some re-nest...

Ghosts of godwits past
A dry cup, GPS marked
Once called, now silent.

Bugs bugs eat ‘em up
More protein in your diet
Buzzing down your throat

Chicks stuffed down my shirt
Keeping warm ‘gainst wind and rain
Small fuzzy godwits

White Gyrfalcon stands
Surveying the vast tundra
Majestically reigns

With credits to Madi, Hannah, and Andy for both poetry and general inspiration.

1 comment:

Carena Pooth said...

Love the haikus!
And have been enjoying your reports and totally awesome photos!
Thanks for sharing.........